The Divi Theme’s portfolio module gives you the option of displaying your projects as a series of thumbnails (grid view). Sliders can be placed anywhere, spanning the full width of whatever column structure they are in. It has excellent design combinations, with a light and minimal style. Divi Express © 2020All right reserved. There is also a contact form at the bottom, which helps users to get in touch immediately. Custom code isn’t needed, but you can add code if you want. Afterward, it has a text section with a button and a portfolio grid. This is fine sometimes, but if you want to show off your projects in their original shape, for example, a square, you need to modify Divi with some PHP code. With a good looking layout on your website, your brand perception will be higher, thereby potentially winning you more clients and fueling sales growth. 4. If yes then Parallax Portfolio is for you. This Layout features one project within a bigger group of projects. Its contemporary and professional design makes it unique. Just underneath it has customer logo in a dark blue background with hover effect. With the Portfolio Module you can show off your work anywhere on your site in any column structure. Adventure Divi Layout has a smart and tidy design that is very responsive. This free Divi layout is simple yet very attractive. Your portfolio website describes what you do, and having an attractive layout on the site serves as a valuable selling point for your brand. They were designed to draw attention to your work and display it in a way that looks professional. This layout adjusts the number of columns based on the device. These features combine to give your architecture firm website a professional and visually appealing appearance. 4th Layout – this divides the grids a bit, while the 5th layout features an open montage. Layouts include custom hero sections, galleries, About information, Contact information, sliders, blurbs, blogs, CTAs, counters, testimonials, team members, newsletter signup forms, brand logos, hover effects, scroll effects, and lots more. It contains nine pages which you can use to display some of your key portfolio items. 1st Layout – it comes with a standard design and uses the blank page template. Express Club membership is now 48% off for a short time! It … Are you looking for a fullwidth portfolio layout with some awesome animation? Build any kind of portfolio for any kind of work and easily customize it using the pre-styled Divi modules. They were designed to draw attention to your work and display it in a way that looks professional. Divi Slimbuilder Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes Inc. Architecture is completely free for download. This video will be more a slider revolution tutorial then it is a Divi tutorial – but you will see how well they play together while building a beautiful divi slider. 2nd Layout – this layout employs a dark framework. The Divi portfolio tabs/filters are shown in ascending order by default, but what if you want them in a completely custom order, neither ascending or descending? It has three homepage design which you can adjust to display one single project. Scroll through and it will appear project title and a button with a featured image. There is also an about us section, where you give a detailed description of your brand or company. Divi Sliders and Headers (21) Divi Blurb Modules (7) Divi Pricing Table (8) Divi Email Optin & Forms (2) Divi Footer Module (9) Divi Testimonial (9) Divi Content (21) Divi Person Module (5) Divi Shop Module (2) Divi Call To Action (5) Divi Portfolio Module (1) Buy Now It goes further to provide a blurb for those images. by Saddam Hossen | Aug 3, 2019 | Resources. When it comes to beautiful and functional portfolio website layouts, Divi has proven to be reliable. Our hundreds of layouts are designed with the best UX in mind and are easily customizable to fit your needs. On the other hand, the third Layout highlights pictures with staggered columns. How to add, configure and customize the Divi portfolio module. Divi layouts for portfolios is a bundle of Divi layouts created for creatives of all types that want to show examples of their work. It also adds several free modules to the Divi Builder including: Slide In – place a title, a custom text, and button. For most of Divi’s modules, like Image module, Blurb module or Counter module, those animations can be turned off, but for some, like Slider module, they can’t. These pages help you to display individual portfolio elements comprehensively – with descriptions and images. You can also impressively showcase your previous work. Layout 01 showcases an array of grids with a dark background while the second layer shows pictures in different loose layouts. You can load it into your portfolio page directly from your Divi builder. It includes styling … 3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack. There are lots of other layouts available for your free use as well as premium like StartUp Layout. These effects make the layout very interactive. Do well to explore. Adventure Divi layout has display boxes down the bottom, which displays images. There are lots of cute layouts available to use when building your site and what’s interesting is that most of them are free. It offers a portfolio layout by employing text modules and image to create stunning portfolios. The layout is suitable for travel blogs or travel agencies. The variety of images makes the layout very colorful. You can also make modifications to fit your website’s needs. It was designed for web designers, creatives, photographers, furniture or jewelry designers, fashion look books or model, etc. Express Club members have access to Divi layouts in many genres and we’re always adding new niches, so there’s always a layout to suit your needs. That means a whole lot of websites are using the plugin. It has a unique dark look, with a quick intro text on a light background. A divi image carousel module to create a slide-show with images. Grab the deal now. The color palette comprises a good representation of the portfolio page. In this article, we will be looking at 9 Divi portfolio layouts that are very special and unique. Architecture Firm Divi Portfolio Layout Page. Blog – change the default sorting and add a masonry layout. Layouts include custom hero sections, galleries, About information, Contact information, sliders, blurbs, blogs, CTAs, counters, testimonials, team members, newsletter signup forms, brand logos, hover … As of today, Revolution Slider is the #1 selling slider plugin on the market. How To Add A Slider Module To Your Page. It features a fascinating blend of colors, with enough space for a heading picture, and a photo gallery just below it. It has a hero section that shows logo and a tagline on an overlay. Join our Express Club membership today and enjoy access to the best pre-made Divi sections and layouts available anywhere. The Divi Portfolio Module. It offers lots of high-quality pictures and offers a perfect blend of mysteriousness and elegance. There you have our nine best free Divi portfolio layouts. Also, the pack comes with two project pages and a case study page. Portfolio – display any post type and taxonomy. 3D Portfolio Divi Layout Pack is a multi-page layout with built-in 3D hover effects. This is perfect for illustrators and photographers. It’ll amaze you the kind of great looking websites you’ll be able to create. It includes a full-screen header with Call to action button, portfolio grid with hover effect, a grid with offset images and blurbs, client logo with a testimonial slider. The page is all set to an elegant black and white layout, which is pleasing to scroll through with a wonderful mixture of hover effect. Divi Express layouts are professionally designed, giving you a great place to start on your website design. The layouts are easy to use and can save you a lot of time and money when designing your website. It has five unique homepage layouts. No need to download and import into your library. 3rd Layout – it makes use of a matrix in staggered columns. Since the Slider module is the topic here, more exactly images-only sliders, let me tell you my … View A Live Demo Of This Module. What’s more, these are independent layouts, or you can also to connect the images to complete projects. Our layouts are in JSON format, so all you have to do is import them. First impressions, as they say, matters, and the looks of your website speak volume of how credible your business is. This layout suits the architecture industry perfectly. Another great attraction here is that every stock photo in these packs is completely free. That is why the importance of having a beautiful and functional portfolio layout on your website cannot be overemphasized. Here you can also have your profile and those of your team members. You can add photos if you want. Divi Person Modules (6) Divi Blogs (4) Divi Sliders (7) Divi Pricing Tables (4) Divi Content Modules (13) Divi Testimonials (4) Divi Contact and Optin Forms (3) Divi Portfolios (3) Divi FAQ Modules (3) Divi Call To Action (2) Divi Woocommerce Shop Module; Buy Now Fullwidth Portfolio – display any post type and taxonomy. Users enjoy engaging content, clear calls to action, and usually have a great time on the website. More Information. This layout suits the architecture industry perfectly. 3. Colored Portfolio is a free portfolio layout offer by divi express. In Divi Portfolio Layouts, you’ll find designs for: Divi Express creates new layouts just about every week, giving our members an endless supply design possibilities. No matter what kind of website you’re building, you’ll want Divi Express layouts at your fingertips. Setting up your website with this layout pack is convenient and fast. It has each post in parallax effect. The page itself with all the section looks very appealing and modern. Build any kind of portfolio for any kind of work and easily customize it using the pre-styled Divi modules. Fear not, we can do this with some creative thinking and a little jQuery. Before you can add a slider module to your page, you will first need to jump into the Divi Builder. If your portfolio website is not professionally styled, it might cause you to lose potential clients. Divi sliders support parallax backgrounds, as well as video backgrounds! Easy portfolio one-page layout is perfect for any website. The Design Agency portfolio page can load into a site from inside the builder without any cost. The Masonry Filterable Portfolio is a divi layout template for Divi released for free by Divisoup, and it displays your portfolio with featured images of varying sizes. Also, each of its sections has attractive hover effects. With almost 300k sales of the plugin. The Divi Portfolio Module and the Divi Filterable Portfolio Module crop the featured image by default.


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